Indications for Microneedling
The procedure is aimed at stimulating microcirculation and the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration. Micro-punctures are being inflicted by hand, in the region of the most prominent wrinkles or skin changes, and by Phi NeedlePen system for the wider facial skin areas. Microneedles penetrate the skin and the procedure is considered to be painless. During the treatment, specially designed and patented Solution is being applied to the skin surface and subsequently absorbed. After the treatment, the client is issued with special kind of aftercare product followed by detailed instruction for use. Proper aftercare products application is of great importance.
Treatment results include: skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible and skin younger looking, , stretch marks removal, hyperpigmentation removal, scars removal, body rejuvenation, improving looks enlarged pores, acne scars removal. Results become visible 24 hours after the procedure and shall last for a few months. The procedure is repeated up to three times two to free weeks apart.
After the procedure, the skin will be red and flushed in a similar way to moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatments and within the next 24 hours the skin will be completely healed. After 3 days most visible erythema will be absolved.
Application and effects:
Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, Acne scars and wound healing, Improves scars, Improves wrinkles and fine lines, Minimize pore size, Improves stretch marks, Treats Alopecia

To achieve desired results, it usually takes up to 3-5 treatments, with 2 weeks gap between each of them.

MICRONEEDLING Course ONLINE – Basic Information

We provide our students with:

  • continuous support through our Craft Master application for online studying 3 months
  • plenty of video materials with detailed instructions on how to perform the treatments (face microneedling for wrinkles removal , skin hydration, stretch marks removal, hyperpigmentation removal, scars removal, body rejuvenation, improving looks enlarged pores, acne scars removal)
  • one of the best kits in the industry that will allow you to make more money than you invested in our course:

Microneedling Gel’s Selection:

  • Tango 5/1 –2 bags
  • Jive 5 /1 — 2 bags
  • Body needling gel 5/1 — 2 bags
  • Scars needling gel 5/1 — 2 bags
  • Spots needling gel 5/1 — 2 bags
  • Philings After Treatment mask / 20 pieces
  • Ultimate Skin Coctails 5/1 — 20 bags
  • PhiWipes Asept / 20 pieces
  • PhiWipes Make Up Remover / 20 pieces
  • Universal Holder / 1 piece
  • Round 5 Sterile needles / 10 pieces
  • Round 3 Sterile needles / 10 pieces
  • Double flat 9 sterile needles /10 pieces
  • Skin Candy sun&sweat protection 9/1 — 1 package
  • Skin Candy Scar protection/repair gel 9/1 — 2 package
  • Catridges Revo Tri-M(2.00) 10/1 — 2 package
  • Simplicity ARTIST machine 1 piece


The course covers the following topics to make sure the students get the right skills and confidence to perform the treatments:

  • Theory on skin structure and characteristics of specific facial skin areas
  • Determining different skin types
  • Recognising characteristic skin conditions
  • Assessing the clients’ eligibility to undergo the treatment
  • Hygiene and sterility
  • Familiarisation with tools and devices used for the treatment and their working principles
  • Tools maintenance
  • Familiarisation and practice with different operating modes of the tools
  • Application techniques – Microneedling:
    – Operating modes (puncture depth and frequency) in treatment of different facial and body areas and areas to be avoided
    – Indications and Contraindications
    – Proper techniques of strech marks
    – Proper techniques tret of scars
    – Proper techniques tret of acne scars
    – Proper techniques tret of enlarged pores
    – Proper use of Microneedling solution
    – Direction and number of passes
    – Determining when the treatment is over
  • Expected results
  • Aftercare

In order to obtain Microneedling Artist Certificate, the students are required the specified number of levels in Craft Master application which test the following:

  • ability to determine skin type
  • ability to choose the appropriate treatment
  • ability to conduct the treatment properly
  • at least 10 successful treatments documented with photos (before/during the treatment/immediately after the treatment/final result).