Before and after photos

Dear students, the BEFORE AND AFTER photos are important for advertising your talent and skill, showing results and selling your service.
Try to make  your “before and after” photos the best you can to record the achieved results .
A picture is worth a thousand words 🙂
  • Keep the lens clean (this is a simple thing, but an important one)
  • Pay attention on lighting (more lights – better photos)
  • Avoid using flash
  • Never use digital zoom
  • Focus the camera ( tap the screen of phone, that’ll help to ensure that it’s focused and the lighting is optimized)
  • Use the same angle for making pictures before and after
  • Use the same lights for making pictures before and after
  • The client must be in a relaxed state and without a mimicry
  • Use  white background ( towel, protective paper) …
Soon more detailed information and instructions how to make good photos with your phone.